What type of website do I need?

Of all the various ways you can make your site, your pages will more or less fall into one of two categories; dynamic or static.

There's a big difference between a static web site and a dynamic web site. A simple static web site is normally a few pages in a brochure style showcasing your products and services while a dynamic website is more interactive, allowing flow of data in and out of the web site. If you just.

There are several points that will determine whether you need a static or a dynamic site, some of which include

Budget - dynamic websites are more expensive than static websites

The operations that you need you website to perform

If you are a new start up business with a few services and products to showcase and you need to show just a few pages of information, then a static web site could do the job. On the other hand if you are planning to sell products online or you need to include interactive features such as searches for products or information, regularly update website content etc. then you will need to opt for a dynamic website.

As an example, if you were renting a holiday apartment a on a beach in Spain and you simply needed to show a few pictures, provide rates and contact info, a static site would be sufficient If on the other hand you were an estate agent needing to update your listings on the site regularly then you would need a dynamic website.