Basic "Static" Web Site

A static web site is probably one of the most easiest and common ways to help your business present information about your products, services or any other information that you want your visitors to have access to. Once the information is placed on the web pages, it cannot be changed regularly, unless a web designer is asked to do the changes. It's a good way for a new business to get started, because building a static web site is relatively easy as the development technology is not so difficult to use.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of a static web site are listed below. These advantages and disadvantages apply to static HTML pages in particular.


Quick and easy to put together, and is cost effective as a first step to get an online presence.

Ideal for showcasing a business profile in a few pages


Difficult to maintain and update without the help of a web designer when a site gets large; once a static website has been published it will not change until a web designer is asked to update the pages

The cost of adding new pages or content can accumulate if the web site needs to be updated regularly.

Offers little visitor interaction and personalisation.

We have designed a lot of static web sites for clients needing a simple but an effective online presence.