Ecommerce web site design


We develop database driven and ecommerce websites to suit every need.

Research has shown that on average, a significant number of web site visitors want to use a service or buy online but simply find the process too difficult or too time consuming. The difficulty of a transaction online or a difficult to navigate web service can be extremely frustrating, the elasticity of usage and sales is correspondingly high. This is why XEL Web Design Manchester focuses on improving the end-to-end user experience of dynamic and ecommerce web sites and service. We have an excellent track record of helping businesses of all types build successful database driven and ecommerce web sites.


Web Design Manchester


We believe that the improvement of a web site user experience is a significant factor and we realise how this can help increase the usage and sales on a web site. This is why we invest heavily, the necessary time to ensure that a dynamic web site design is properly organised, and delivered. We build database driven and ecommerce websites with improved web site organisation and user experience in mind. We pay particular attention to: :

1. Making the web site self-service as good as it can be so that we are able to lower the barriers to buying, thus increasing online sales whilst improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs. .

2. Improving the user experience on a web site so that we strive to eliminate unwanted calls and emails for the organisation that owns the web site.

3. Building a better organised web site enabling an organisation to offer true value and not just an expensive resource to compensate for poor website design


Web Design Manchester


As consumers, we know that a web site user experience encompasses every aspect of our experience of an Internet site or service - emotional as well as practical - from first finding out about its existence, to buying or using a web site service. We understand how the user experience goes beyond just visually striking design.

We understand how a good online service meets the needs of the user and we know that in the offline world, users value first-time resolution. In the online world right first time, every time is just as important as it is for phone calls and responding to emails. There is little point in providing a web self-service facility if this does not result in the user's presenting problem being resolved, ideally right the first time. We work with our clients to get the their dynamic and ecommerce website as good as it can be - where good is seen from the user's perspective- and you harvest a double benefit, namely:

i. Increased sales and satisfaction,

ii. Dramatic reductions in the costs of web support

Before building a database website, we start at the most sensible point to understand what matters to users, and then building a website to service the identifiable user needs. Contact us here to find out how we can help your business succeed.