Search Engine Rankings - How does it work?

Search engines like google etc. all work in different ways, and use different information from your web site when responding to user queries. That is why search engine optimisation has become such a complex process.

The major search engines receive thousands of web site submissions every day, and they use sophisticated website ranking algorithms to determine what sites are listed at the top for particular searches. Each search engine has it's own criteria, such as that of google for ranking pages, so we optimise pages strategically fine-tuned for each one. Using the state-of-the-art techniques we can get TOP positions in specific search engines, for your specific keywords.


Only 16% of all the web pages submitted for registration to the engines are actually indexed.


96% of all web sites that do get indexed are listed outside of the top two pages of search results.

At XEL Web Design Manchester we know that search engine optimization promotion software is not the simple answer, as is often claimed - which is why our search engine optimisation (SEO) team use their human skills

XEL Web Design Manchester works with you to choose the key word or phrases that you wish to be found under and then start configuring your web site in accordance with the most effective web site optimisation techniques and submit the optimised web site to achieve and maintain top rankings. We use the most up-to-date search engine techniques and find the most effective key phrases for listings on all the top search engines.

Registering your site will get you more hits, but it will take weeks or months for the increased traffic to become noticeable.


Your rankings in search engines will also change constantly and you will need to constantly defend your position against new comers. We will help you improve your position continually.

Our mission is to significantly increase your online market reach and brand awareness and maximise the return on your Web site investment. We take time to understand your business and armed with that information we perform the research required to understand the language used by your prospects, and then work with you to build a strategy to ensure that they find your Web site more frequently when searching for your products or services.

We understand how a good online service meets the needs of the user and we know that in the offline world, users value first-time resolution. In the online world right first time, every time is just as important as it is for phone calls and responding to emails. There is little point in providing a web self-service facility if this does not result in the user's presenting problem being resolved, ideally right the first time. We work with our clients to get the their dynamic and ecommerce website as good as it can be - where good is seen from the user's perspective- and you harvest a double benefit, namely:


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