Plan your web site

Before beginning the planning and creation of your web site spend some time determining why you really need a web site. (link to Why do I need a web site)

Once you have decided that having a web site is right for your business, then think about investing time in developing a plan of what you want. XEL Web Design Manchester normally encourages clients to start with an overall diagram of the layout of your pages and how you would like them to link to one another. This could be in the shape of a diagram, with a circle in the middle (which will be your "main page" or the "home page"). You should label it with the title of your site, then draw lines to other circles out from this main circle to show other pages that you would want adding on the web site. This will be the blueprint for your site.

This method will assist you in categorising your pages by theme or subject. As you draw new circles with new pages that you'd like to put on your site, try to determine which circle it should branch out from. In many cases you'll create sub-branches from other branches.

If you plan to use XEL Web Design Manchester to create your web site design, then the more time you invest in pre-planning, the faster and more effective the solution we deliver.

Of course we will be at hand to offer you advice and guidance when needed, and will plan the web site with you together, so you get what YOU want. Contact Web Design Manchester here if you have any questions.