Your Web Site's Look and Feel

The look and the feel of your web site reflect heavily on you and your business. Its just like a sign hanging over a store; a poor looking sign badly designed and presented will lead people to focus on the tackiness triggering the though that if this is how the sign looks, then the products and services can't be of very high quality either.

It is imperative for any web site owners to ensure that their web site looks unique and visually striking with a strong focus on its image and branding. We work on creating a web site design that will help potential clients, customers, and partners learn about your company and look at it in a favourable light. If you're trying to enhance your brand or organisation's image then select a company with artistic flair and expertise in design and site graphics. We have conceptualised many designs for various companies to develop their unique brand and identity, based on close customer liaison. Our aim is to always develop a comprehensive understanding of the current company image and the type of design that will benefit the company to carry itself forward. We strongly believes that every web site deserves its own strong identity.

Your goal should be to consider some the following factors for your web site design:

Keep your web site clean and understated, not gaudy or in-your-face. Few colours with lots of white space contribute to this light, airy feeling.

Inclusion of photographs to contribute to a classy and a professional look. Photos can be very effective on business websites.

Keep your eye on the amount of graphics used on a web site. Some graphic designers like to build sites with lots of graphics. Some have fast broadband connections, which prevents them from knowing how long their sites take to download on a 56K modem. Attempt to keep your site to a maximum of 60KB. Resist a designer's eagerness to show off his/ her skills that may compromise your web site loading speed. Quick loading is very important

Remember that all your web site graphics and colours will have effect on your visitor's perceptions of your company, his/ her state of mind, and his/her emotional response.

Your web site pages should present a unified, consistent look, but novice site builders--entranced by having hundreds of fonts at their fingertips plus dozens of colours frequently turn their pages into a garish mishmash. Encourage your web designer to use two, maybe three fonts and colours per page, maximum. The idea is to reassure viewers of your solidarity and stability, not to convince them you are wildly artistic.

Know what type of web site design your audience is likely to be interested in. For instance, if your audience is from industries such as the arts, media, entertainment etc then the chances are that you will want to make you web site more visually compelling with good graphics and design wok making your web site design a showcase of your graphics capabilities to keep the visitors interested.

Conversely, if your visitors are expecting "just the facts", then give them just the facts.

Other web site designs can also give you inspiration and ideas. Plus other web sites can give you an idea of something you may not want to do on your own pages. This is especially important if you are having someone else design your site for you.

Contact us and let us help you realise your vision of your web site design. We will be happy to guide you in the right direction and translate your vision into a visually striking web site design that you will be proud of.

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