What's the point of having an "invisible" website?

There are a large number of web users who prefer to find a company (web URL) via a search engine, instead of typing the URL address directly in the address bar. What does this mean for a company that has spent large amounts of money on offline advertising campaigns? It means that they still need to have some sort of search engine promotion strategy, as they cannot guarantee being found by users typing in URL in the address bar.

Visitors who come to you through major search engines are targeted prospects, having searched your market sector. But if they can't find you - they can't do business with you. It's simple - if your web site is "invisible" at the bottom of search engine rankings, it won't do the same business as the sites that are at the top.

The single most important thing you can do to increase your traffic is to increase your search engine ranking. Your position on the first pages of a search is absolutely critical to your success.

Search engine optimisation is now more important than ever for any web site. How is your site going to be found easily amongst millions of web pages on the internet? Some searchers are looking for your products or services? If you think that because you have a great looking web site you will get found by searchers or appear on search engines - you are wrong. Search engines have their own rules for listing sites. If you don't play by their rules, you will not get listed.

Search engine optimisation needs to form a part of any serious online Internet marketing campaign. It's a fundamental component to drive more traffic to your web site leading to more sales and a high Return on Investment. Just search engine placement and keyword-related advertising on its own can make up 80 to 90 percent of your traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation will help you:

Increase your web site traffic
Rank above your competition who don't' have an seo strategy.
Give high ROI
Increased conversions
Broaden market share


You need to build a solid foundation for e-business success. It takes serious cutting-edge search engine optimisation to dominate your competition and generate the sales you need. We offer several cost-effective website ranking services, from corporate-level solutions to packages for small businesses who cannot afford to miss out.

Don't leave the success of your business to chance. To thrive on the web you must purposefully promote your site with proven online marketing strategy. Your search engine ranking can make or break your Internet business. Remember - the vast majority of searchers NEVER look past the FIRST PAGE, so if you are listed further down, your chances of being found are remote. We ensure your web site is optimised and submitted to all the major engines, thus providing you with access to potential customers searching for your products and services.