Domain names


In order to get a web site live on the Internet, you need to do the following:

1. Register your domain.

2. Hire some server (hosting) space.

1. Registering your domain name

Registering a domain name is a way of getting an official address for your web site on the Internet so that the your web site can be found.

Like your home address is unique in the real world, there also can't be any duplicate addresses on the Internet, otherwise no one would know where to go! In other words domain names are unique addresses on the web, every domain is different from another. These days, you will find that many of the names you may be interested in registering are already taken by someone else, so you may not always get the name you want. We can purchase a domain name for you, so you don't have to do the searching.

2. What domain name shall I choose?

There are four main factors that should influence the choice of the domain name you should buy. A good name should be:

A. Short.

A good domain name should be short, the shorter the easier to type and remember by the web site visitor.

B. Memorable

Choosing a short domain name does not automatically mean that it will be memorable, For example the initials of a long company name to make a short domain name doesn't necessarily mean it's easier to remember. For example the initials, is short but not necessarily easy to remember.

C. Relevant to Your Core Business or Business Name

The very best domain name should be the one that you can guess

D. Hard to Misspell

This may seem obvious but you will be surprised at how many domain names are tough to spell if you've only heard it orally.

3. What is the difference between .com, .net, .org etc?

Practically speaking there is really no difference these days. The only thing you might consider is that people tend to type in .COM automatically since it was the first publicly known domain extension and is generally the more common, So when registering a domain name, I would go for the .COM first and if it were taken, I would then try for any of the others. (.net, .org, .tv etc ...)

You probably guessed; a .COM address is not the same domain name of the same name with a different extension. So for example: for Web Design Manchester is not the same place as www.webdesign-manchester. This means that each of the addresses can be registered separately. A good place to check the availability of various domain names is here.

4. How much does it cost?

In order to get a domain name (your own unique address on the web), it will normally cost you a few pounds a year to ensure that you 'own' the name. There are many companies out there that allow you to register the domain name for your web site. Prices vary, as does the quality of service. The cost of registering a domain typically ranges from £5 to £20 a year for a domain name publicly available. If you are asked to pay any more, then the chances are that you are getting a very bad deal and the company selling you the domain name is looking at exploiting your naivety. If you have any doubts or any questions about how to proceed, then please feel free to contact XEL WEB Design Manchester and we will ensure that you get the best deal. We are not domain resellers (so we don't profit from this), but we will be more than happy to make recommendations to ensure that you get the same value from a domain name suppliers as we do. XEL Web Design Manchester doesn't charge a penny for this so you can be assured to make a good saving.