Choosing a Search Engine Optimisation Company


Most web promotion companies promise the same thing: "We can put you at the top of the search engine listings" or "we can drive more traffic to your web site" etc. The truth is that not all can. There are a lot of companies out there now that claim to guarantee you top results in search engines like google, Altavista, etc. This sounds too good to be true and IT IS. This claim normally relates to getting your particular company name or brand name to the top of a search engine. This is hardly a big achievement as you consider there probably aren't many companies out there sharing the same name as you. The challenge should be to get you ranked high for the products or services that you offer amongst your competition that are offering the same.

Before you endeavour to look for a search engine optimisation specialist, you should take the time to get to know the basics of search engine promotion so that you can spot a good service provider from a bad. Resources like search engine watch are a very good place to start. Look for a company that demonstrates a track record of getting other companies promoted to high rankings. For example here at XEL Web Design Manchester, we have shown some of the achievements we have made with some of the companies that we have dealt with (see our rankings achievements at ). As a customer you should phone round a few promotion companies and find a real person that you feel comfortable with, because you will be working closely with him/ her for quite a while.















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